Sunday, 10 July 2016

A spiritual indigenous story

 Priscila Goré Emílio

Video with the testimony of Priscila Goré Emílio a indigenous Kayngang psychologist from south of Brazil. This video was recorded during the "1st State Seminar of Health of Traditional Communities: indigenous and Maroon - Rio Grande - Brazil‏" ("I Seminário Estadual de Saúde das Comunidades Tradicionais - Indígenas e Quilombolas " - ).

Note by editor (10/07/2016): Regarding some questions about "Evidenced Based Medicine", this story is about the personal spiritual experience and how this changed the person regarding understanding its people. The focus of sharing this experience is not discussing the treatment in the western medicine, it is to see this special community moment and the important role that it has. It's much more about cultural competence and understanding it.(Mayara Floss)

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