Sunday, 26 June 2016

Fieldwork in indigenous communities of Vale do Ribeira

Fábio Junqueira

"It was a really nice experience being part of this action with the Guaranis, we left a bit of ourselves and learned a lot. It was remarkable! After the activities, conversation circles with the communities and the health team, we put a lot of thought to a broader concept of health, and also social, cultural and environmental determinants.
How can we ask for a healthy life in a sick plane? The natives Guarani inspired us and showed us we need to discuss the creation of societies truly sustainable, we must resume the harmony between humankind and nature and value the social diversity and the different ways of life, for instance, those from native peoples and from different indigenous nationalities.
We believe that putting thought to these issues is essential in the current formation of the health professionals. We would like to thank the indigenous leaders who welcomed us so warmly and also thank the indigenous health team from Miracatu, the Prof. Paulo Abati and the medical students. As a complementary reading I suggest the book: "O Bem Viver" by Alberto Costa!"


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