Wednesday, 2 May 2018


Amber Wheatley and Mayara Floss

The experimental short movie produced by Mayara Floss and Amber Wheatley called "Ruralices" received the award for best original background at the FISFA - International Short Film & Arts Festival during the 15th WONCA World Rural Health Conference, New Delhi with voice of Amber Wheatley and the music of Lucio Yanel and sonoplasty by Mayara Floss.

"My first job as a junior doctor in South West Wales involves a 1 hr and 15 min journey by bus from my apartment in the city centre to the hospital in Llanelli. My colleaguess often commented on how difficult it must be because the public transport in Wales, particularly the most western you go, is notorious for having problems. Make no mistake this is absolutely true but it also provided me with two unique opportunities; 1) I took the same bus as the people living in the community so I understood all too well the issues of getting to hospital when you relied on public transport and 2) I got to watch the sunrise every morning as I moved from an urban setting to a suburban setting. During my commute I had more time than at any other point in the day to be alone with my thoughts and take it what was going on around me. I also used this time to catch up on reading, writing and social media. Before medical school I wrote songs and poetry in my spare time but medical school seemed to kill all my creativity. I was slowly starting to reclaim it when one day looking at a photo from the Ruralices instagram page, I was overcome with inspiration. Dr Mayara Floss started the Ruralices page to capture and share images of the daily life of a rural doctor. Each of the pictures I knew held a story and that story inspired these poems". - Amber Wheatley

Amber and Mayara are Young Doctors and ambassador of Rural Seeds. They are committed and passionate about rural health, arts and writing. 

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