Sunday, 2 July 2017

Its just God's miracle, we are just medium...

         Hello friends.Me Dr.Suhas and my wife Dr. Prerna are specialist by degree but generalist by choice.We both have humble rural background and upbringing.Hence after our post graduation we moved to rural set up for practice as we believe we have many dues towards society and community who helped us to be a good doctor.
        In rural peripheral setup you have a new day new challenge.There are many stories till now in one year. 
But the most interesting one is the 28 year female diagnosed with unexplained infertility for 8 long years. She was investigated & treated at several Super speciality setups at Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Malegaon, Aurangabad. 

     She even underwent multiple times for diagnostic laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, IUI, IVF & her male partner was also treated for low sperm count in last 8 years but failed every time. Spent lacs of rupees for treatment but every time result was unsuccessful. Husband being rickshaw driver, due to mental frustration gave up hope on for not being able to  become a father. 

               Interesting fact is that the couple was none other than our hospital staff worker's son & daughter in law. 
After we started practice in rural setup, the staff told the story about her son & daughter in law. The couple meanwhile consulted us. Selective investigations were done as all the previous investigations were normal. We studied the case very thoroughly and with help of expert opinion of Dr. Prerna the patient conceived within a month. Her UPT came positive for the first time. 

           The happiness which we saw on her face was priceless. After proper care of thorough 9 months pregnancy she delivered a male child on 23/4/17. Staff worker's son literally cried with happiness. He told us that we are everything for him. And we told him its just God's miracle, we are just medium...

Dr. is Dr.Suhas Pawar is (MS Gen.Surgeon) and his wife Dr.Prerna Pawar MBBS,DGO.They run a rural hospital named Saibaba Hospital, Satana,Nashik. Both belogs to humble rural background and are passionate to provide all super speciality services to rural people in there own community.This shall reduce there trouble to cope up with city urban life.

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