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An inspiring story of Organ Donation which started from blood donation

Chandan Kumar

Hi I am Chandan Kumar, son of Sri Narendra Narayan Singh. I am a  Physical Instructor in R.K.D senior secondary+2 high school, Rajepur Lakhna, Sahebganj Block, Muzaffarpur district, Bihar, (India).  My native place is Birpur Singhara mahua vaishali Bihar (India).

I usually go to nearby hospital, where ever I reside,  and meet patients to know their cause of sorrow. I also want to know how their sorrow could be route out from the root. Once upon a time, I got an opportunity to go to hospital in my town’s government  hospital and heard some people were talking amongst themselves that if blood was available at the right time then this life could be saved. I began to think our population of country is 125 cr. In spite of it we are facing the scarcity of blood at the right time.  Day and night we fight each other that leads to flow of blood in vain that is useless. It is far better if we donate blood for maintaining the harmony and fraternity. We must donate blood 2-3 times in a year. Due to this every one can get new life after availability of blood accordingly. This idea came to my mind when I was wandering and searching for O- blood donor for my only loving sister Vandana. At that time I didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly I thought I should also donate blood and also encourage others and god automatically solved my problem. My sister got a blood donor and god saved her life. I swore for saving life of any religious community person of world,  I would donate blood 2-3 times. I also thought at that time that if relations break, they can be mended. But if they slip due to unavailability of blood then it cannot be regained at any cost.       

After this incident I informed everyone they must call me for blood, if in urgent need. You may be poor or rich; Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist or Jain, I would donate as it’s my duty to save life.

After few days, my neighbor called me from his clinic and requested for blood for a seven year old child. I said it’s a holy deed and the best in this universe, that my blood would be  used to save the mother’s sentiment like her baby. Really, she was too poor and in this world I have seen very few people help the poor in need indeed. My eyes filled with tears at that time. She thanked me and her eyes were telling me, God would always keep you happy. Friends, really I was amazed. She belonged to a Muslim community and I was from Hindu community. If any negative feelings would be in her mind for Hindu community they would be erased. In Spite of it, I was thinking only one thing that I will donate blood to her baby for her mother, that’s why she could call her mother (Maa) mom. Or I will donate blood for her mother that’s why her baby mother could call her baby as her name accordingly kept by and for humanity.

I was also thinking, we should always keep humanity in our mind and make others aware to keep the thoughts for humanity, to maintain the purity of life. We all are son of God only. I thought, I should do something better for them, I should be thankful to God. The child’s life was saved, her mother was happy and kissed her child  now and again and thanked me. But I thanked God  Who gave me this opportunity to donate blood without any fear and hurdle. I pray to all, we must donate blood.

In June 2016, I was on tour of pilgrim (holy place) like kedarnath dham, Badrinath Dham, Yamunotri Maa, Maa Gongotri, Haridwar. After completing this tour, I moved for the grace of my father, Mother Grace to touch their leg in Delhi (Noida). After this, I also decided if I am in Delhi, I must donate blood for needy. I moved to Delhi AIIMS and donated blood voluntarily. When I come out from the campus of AIIMS some people were crying and talking each other. They had sufficient money but they could not get an organ at that time and lost their relative. It was very shocked. I thought that after death our organs are being burnt in cremation. So, it would be far better, if we donate all the organs that would be useful for saving lives and I should do this also.

Actually friends, I thought only corneas and kidney could be donated. But I saw a  card where kidney, liver, heart, lungs and corneas were mentioned. I donated maximum as I could after enquiry.

I never discussed this with my parents before donation. But when I informed them they were proud of me. I was also inspired by the film actress Aishawarya Rai and daily news paper Dainik Bhaskar in Muzaffarpur. Sometimes situations creates holy pressure to do something better at random.

Friends if you could not get blood or organ we could lose the relation or person. They cannot come back at any cost. So, why you cannot be a someone, for someone, who could get your organ at the right time.

Why some people can’t donate all the organs of the body. That can save priceless lives. Without thought I donated all my organs of the body, which will be useful for saving lives. It does not matter to whom my body organ would be donated. He may be poor, rich, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, or other community ,my friend or stranger. I think always for saving life. If my enemy will demand my organ indeed, if he is in need, I pray to doctor without any differentiation, must put my organ to him to save life, that’s why he may move for positive life. After knowing this, that his life is saved by whom, whom he wanted to destroy, has donated the organ, I think he would always do better for humanity.

I have written in the donor card to whom my part of body be donated, requesting him, he also do what I had done for him after death. I pray to all the person of our country and  Internationally/Universally that never flow the blood of human in vain with the negative sentiments of quarrel, donate blood for saving life only. Do not cut the body part, donate your body part, that’s why this donated body part could save the life. Due to this sentiment, national integration, fraternity will light up. Whole universe will be integrated with love and peace in whole world India has lighted up, presently lighting up and in future India will be always light up and spread the message of love, peace and sacrifice for humanity.

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