To participate on the project "Rural Health Stories" the story should include SOAR: situation, obstacles, actions, resolution and also TLC: timing, location and character - but not necessarily, just as a guidance. This could be flexible and respect different cultural stories and ways to tell it to others. It should be something that remarkable and inspired you in rural medicine and even family medicine or some story that you think it is valuable for share it with someone. Also, it could be in video or writing ones (or both!).

Name of the author
Brief Description about the author
Area of practice
epidemiology of your area in brief
Story, poem or video
Relevant pictures

To send video stories please send it 720p quality, you can upload it on a Dropbox or feel free to ask to us how we can organize it! Also, do not forget to have a good sound quality. We will do some edit and send to your approval and then it will be accessible on our YouTube Channel.

You can send your stories to our editors: 
Dr. Smruti Nikumbh -
Dr.  Sanam Shah -

You also can contact the creators of the project:
Dr. Pratyush  Kumar -
Mayata Floss -


  1. I am also a Rural Health Physician in the Visayas Region of the Philippines, where poverty is a major determinant of access to adequate healthcare. Thank you for this sharing. It is a source of inspiration.

    1. Dear Rose! So nice that you are liking the stories! I hope at some point you could share your story!